Stand Tall

B: 80 cm H: 120 cm, olje på linlerret

To stand tall.
To surpass
Anything the proves difficult.
To be a force.
To demand respect.
To find beauty.
To find calm in the storm.
To overcome.
To enjoy.
To breathe.
To be at peace.
If only for a moment.
To use lightning as an
Aid to see in the dark.
To use thunder as company.
To listen to rain in the silence.
To think in a free way.
To see a cloud filled sky.
And not miss the stars.
A temperate night.
Content with being alone.
With no false light –
Only the magnitudes of this earth
Showing you that you do not need
The smiles of others to inspire
Your own.
To be fulfilled.
By the Weather.
By the night.
By the still.